Class and Training Options & Schedules

Methuselah Fitness Class and Training Options

Class Descriptions and Costs 

Three Session "Getting Started" -
Three separate 45 minute sessions in which we discover your current level of fitness, develop some goals for the near future and determine a concrete plan to get you there.

Each session will include a complete workout and will focus both on form and technique to determine the best way to proceed from where you currently are.
Monday - Saturday 7am - 9pm, By Appointment
Cost:  $99 (3 sessions)

One on One Personal Training -
Specifically offered to those who would like (or need) more individualized attention. The ultimate goal of our personal training will usually be to prepare the individual to safely and successfully maintain their own workout regimen with little, to no outside assistance. (Teach a man to fish!):
45 Min. Session - $35
3 Session "Get Started Program" - $99
10 Pack Individually Scheduled - $300
1 Month Monthly - 2 Sessions/Wk. - $240 ($30 Per Session)
3 Month Monthly - 2 Sessions/Wk. - $600 ($25 Per Session)
By Appointment - Mon. --> Sat. 7am to 7pm
"Methuselah Fitness Project"
(Back of Parma Christian Church)
7000 Ridge Rd.
Parma, Ohio 44129

Large Group Community -
Classes that introduce individuals to the entire concept of a longevity based fitness approach. I'm considering the price listed below to be a "suggested contribution". Everyone is welcome to our Large Group Community sessions regardless of what you can pay!
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00 pm. -
Parma Christian Church (Across from Stearns Farm)
7000 Ridge Rd.
Parma, Ohio
Monthly - $40 for 8 sessions (Suggested donation)
Single "Drop In" Session - $5 (Suggested donation)

Wellness & Longevity Coaching
I've noticed that our older population is a very self sufficient group for whom the traditional "Client/Personal Trainer" relationship is unnecessary (both practically and financially). We generally need to know how to do something and to get feedback to be sure we're doing things right. The coaching option is also valuable to set and track the progress of our goals and to provide a channel of accountability to make sure we're actually staying on plan over time. Be it a concrete 12 week plan for achieving specific goals or an occasional 1 on 1 to make sure what we're doing is efficient & safe, I believe this option to be the very best for those who are serious about making meaningful change that will last through the years.
   Single Session - $35
   6 Sessions - $180
   12 Week "Goal Buster" - $250 (10 Sessions)

Small Group Longevity Class -
Classes that closely follow the specific Methuselah Fitness Project regimen. Participants attend three classes per week. Classes are 60 to 90 minutes and includes strength, skill, mobility and interval training in a safe, carefully coached environment. Class size is limited to six individuals per session to ensure adequate individual attention.
Monthly - $175 (12 Sessions)
Monthly Couples - $250
Mon., Wed, Friday 8:30 am (Slots Available Now! Limit 6 per class!)
Mon., Wed, Friday 10:00 am ***Strength Bias (Slots Available Now! Limit 6 per class!)
Mon., Thru Friday 4:00 pm (Slots Available Now! Limit 6 per class!)
To reserve your spot, schedule a session, or for questions and prices contact:
Daryll Krivanos

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